Live Online Privacy Training

The COVID-19 crisis has most likely forced you to shift plans and adjust your work, but that does not mean your professional development needs to be put on hold. Whether you are preparing for a certification exam or just looking to expand your privacy know-how, the IAPP’s live online trainings can help you maintain a pathway of ongoing education when your time, money and ability to travel are limited. See how in this video.

Experience Expert-led, Collaborative Classrooms

All trainings are taught by recognized thought leaders in the privacy field. These are dynamic conversations in real-time between an industry expert and peers that dive deep into privacy and data protection insights.

In these trainings you will find interactive discussions that form a communal think tank where your instructor will pose questions, offer quizzes, and encourage chat room engagement and networking within your session.

Maintain Accountability

According to one trainee, a live online training was helpful “because it’s hard to trust yourself to get through self-paced training in a reasonable amount of time.”

Revisit Content, Retain Knowledge

Your privacy education will not conclude after your session sign-off. Unlike in-person trainings, for six months you can return to recordings of your live session at your convenience to refresh your skill set.

Let Go of Logistics, Learn Wherever

Forgo travel, save money and preserve your valuable time while still experiencing the same energy of an actual classroom.

Upcoming Trainings

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